About Miami

Miami is different to other American cities. Its location in the south of Floria means it’s a tourist destination where you can enjoy fantastic weather during all twelve months of the year.

With an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit), Miami’s beaches are full year round. Its long stretches of white sand and clear blue water make for an unparalleled spot to spend your holidays.

Although the beaches are perhaps Miami’s main attraction, it’s nonetheless a place with much more to offer. You can take refuge from the heat in the Everglades national park, try pure, Cuban style coffee in Little Havana, spend a fun-filled day on Jungle Island or take a seat in one of the terraces on Ocean Drive, to drink in the special atmosphere of South Beach.

Miami has always been the backdrop for films full of corruption, police chases and intrigue. On your trip, you’re the protagonist of your own story, and you write the script!